Kraft Delivery Vehicle

ready to deliver

Kraft Industrial Supply's Chevrolet 1500 Delivery Vehicle.

Ships Berthed at Alameda Point

San Francisco Skyline

As seen from Alameda Point, looking past two of our customers, the ALGOL & the CAPE ORLANDO

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge & Golden Gate Bridge on the horizon.

BAE San Francisco Ship Repair


We supply several everyday items to the Toolroom, produce tank cover gaskets for Steel Shop, as well as Standard Flange Gaskets for the Pipe Shop & Special Gaskets for the Machine Shop.

Harley Marine Tugboat


Harley Marine tugboat dockside for maintenance at Alameda Yard. We help them with custom tank & other gaskets as well as tubular glass for level indication.

Bay Ship and Yacht Alameda

Bay ship & yacht

Coast Guard Vessel, Drydock with San Francisco Ferry inside, and San Francisco Skyline in the distance. We supply their Supply Center, as well as numerous items including one of a kind custom gaskets.

San Francisco Municipal Railway Light Rail Vehicle

San Francisco Muni Light Rail

We supply many of our maintenance chemicals & custom gaskets to the Ligh Rail Maintenance Yard. Seen here aproaching AT&T Ballpark.

State Ships docked at Alameda Point


The GEM STATE, the GRAND CANYON STATE & the KEYSTONE STATE are three of the Ready Reserve Fleet docked at Alameda Point. We have supplied many Steam Line Gaskets along with other items over the years.

Santa Clara Light Rail Vehicle

light rail vehicle santa Clara county

We supply the Santa Clara Transportation Agency with lubricants, anti-seize compounds and other functional industrial chemicals. We have also replaced several Overseas OEM Supplied gaskets with AMERICAN MADE gaskets at a reduced cost.

Cape Hudson docked at San Francisco

Cape Hudson

Docked within a Barry Bonds Homerun of AT&T Park, The Cape Hudson gets plenty of TV time. We have produced many tank gaskets and others for several of the Sub-Contractors maintaining this vessel.

San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge

SF-oakland bay bridge

San Francisco Skyline

SAN Francisco Nightview

Mission Control Houston Texas

MCC Houston

A Museum Piece of Epic Proportions.

Home to the men who knew how.

DVR Power Plant Santa Clara

DVR Power Plant

Santa Clara Power

Santa Clara Light Rail San Jose Repair Yard

santa clara light rail

Repair Facility

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